The Great Trango Towers are an assembly of impressive rock spire located on the north side of the Baltoro Glacier. The Great Trango Towers offer some of the largest cliffs and most challenging rock climbing in the world. Just north of the Great Trango is the Nameless Trango Towers (6239m). This is a very large, sharp, rather symmetrical spire which juts 1000m out of the ridgeline. Nameless Tower was first climbed in 1976 by the British Climber Mr. Joe Brown, along with Mo Anthoine, Malcolm Howells and Martin Boysen. Now it is a popular climb, notwithstanding for the elite of the climbing community, there are many separate routes to the summit. We have added Trango Nameless Tower climbing in our programs. Placed below is itinerary of the program. The best climbing season for this program is from the 15th of May to end of October each year.





01 Arrive Islamabad, transfer to hotel,for trango tower tour. Hotel
02 Islamabad- briefing at Ministry of Tourism,about Trango Tower route. Hotel
03 Drive to Chilas, overnight at hotel Hotel
04 Drive to Skardu. Overnight at hotel. Hotel
05 Skardu- preparations and acclimatization. Hotel
06 Drive to Thongal/Askole, overnight camp Camp
07 Trek to Korofong, overnight camp Camp
08 Trek to Chobroqk, overnight camp Camp
09 Trek to Paiju, overnight camp Camp
10 Trek to base camp- Tango Tower Camp
29 Trek back to Paiju, overnight camp from trango tower Camp
30 Trek back to Chobraqk, overnight camp Camp
31 Trek back to Korofong, overnight camp Camp
32 Trek back to Askole, overnight camp Camp
33 Drive to Skardu. Overnight at hotel Hotel
34 Skardu- relax Hotel
35 Drive to Chilas. Overnight at hotel Hotel
36 Drive to Islamabad. Overnight at hotel Hotel
37 Islamabad- debriefing at Ministry of Tourism Hotel
38 Fly to onward destination - - -
Trango Tower 6,239 M
Trango Tower 6,239 M
Great Trango Tower 6,239 M Karakoram Pakistan


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