Trich Mir (7708m) is the 33rd highest peak in the world and highest in the Hindukush mountainous range. It is located in the Chitral district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The oldest route to the summit passes through Chitral-Reshun and Khost. There is the shortest route, a two-hour 4x4 jeep drive from the Mastuj road direct route from Perpish to Barum village that passes through the glacier Barum to Trich Mir. The route is recommended for hikers/trekkers who are used to high altitudes or are with greater stamina. Otherwise, the trek is risking due to oxygen deficiency and high altitude terrain.

This mighty Hindukush giant was first summited by the Norwegian team of Arne Naess, P.Kvern Berg, and H.Berg in 1950, once again in 1994, the Norwegian team led by Arne Naess successfully summited the Eastern front of Trich Mir which is 7,692m. R.Hoibakk and A.opdal of the Norwegian team reached the top of Trich Mir East.

While the Trich Mir West I (7,487m) was successfully summited by a Czechosalavian team led by Vladimir Smida. The West II of Trich Mir, which is 7,500m, was summited by the Italian team of Beppe Re and Guido Machetto in 197
Trich Mir chain of peaks is famous for being the highest peak in the world out-side Himalaya and Karakoram and for its tough and rigid terrain, making it a memorable for the expenditure teams.





01 Islamabad. Hotel
02 Briefing at Ministry of Tourism. Hotel
03 Islamabad-Chitral. Hotel
04 Chitral-Arkari. Camp
05 Arkari-Dir Gol. Hotel
06 Dir Gol-Trich Mir Base Camp. Camp
07-34 Climbing. Camp
35 Trich Mir Base Camp- Dir Gol Camp
36 Dir Gol-Arkari Camp
37 Arkari-Chitral Hotel
38 Chitral-Islamabad Hotel
39 Debriefing Hotel
40 Departure - - -
Spantik Peak 7,027 M Karakoram Pakistan
Spantik Peak 7,027 M Karakoram Pakistan
Spantik Peak 7,027 M Karakoram Pakistan


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