GASHERBRUM-II (8,035 M / 26,358 ft ) EXPEDITION

There are 14 more then 8000m peaks over Himalaya and Karakorum, five (5) of them are in Pakistan and the rest are in Nepal including the world 2ndhighest peak K-2 or the local Name Chogori, are situated on the North East of Baltoro glacier and the third longest glacier of the world.

These four peaks are in Sequence 1st K-2 8611m, Broad Peak 8047m, 3rd Gasherbrum II 8035m, 4th is Gasherbrum I 8068m, these peaks are surrounded by Baltoro Kangari /Golden Throne, 7422m and Sherpi Kangari 7380m.   
This peak situated opposite Golden thrown or Baltoro Kangari, on the North west of Baltoro glacier beside G-IV- and G-I. Its approach for Skardu-Dassu –Askoli –Johla –Paiyu-Lilgo –Urdukas –Goro Concordia –Bae camp of Gasherbrum II 8035m. 

Goodwin Austen, who visited this area in 1858, with his surveying party, he got a huge Knowledge about this area and put them in the map. Goodwin Austen, who surveyed this area in 1861 with the other survey party Mintugmerri from the British army, they crossed different passes and reached to Shimshall valley, Hunza and the Ladak area. 

In 1934 an international, Himalaya expedition of G.O Dyurent furth a German American Geologist, climber and winner of 1936 Gold Medal visited the area after doing photographic work, they attempt the summit and became the first climbers. The route adopted by the party passed through Siri Nagar Zoji Pass, Drass, and along-Johla –Paiyu –Baltoro glacier.  

In 1956 an Austrian expedition team arrived in Pakistan to climb G-II 8035m, Peak to approach was not so easy but they managed to reach the base camp passing through Skardu, Shigar-Thongal –Johla –Paiyu-Urdukas-Goro –Concordia –Base camp.





01 Islamabad Hotel
02 Briefing at Ministry of Tourism Hotel
03 Islamabad-Chilas Hotel
04 Chilas-Skardu Hotel
05 Skardu Hotel
06 Skardu-Askoli Camp
07 Askoli-Jula Camp
08 Jula-Paiju Camp
09 Paiju Camp
10 Paiju-Urdukus Camp
11 Urdukus-Goro-II Camp
12 Goro-II-Concordia Camp
13 Shagharing Camp
14-41 Climbing Days Reserved for Ascend of Gasherbrum-II Camp
42 Gasherbrum Base Camp-Goro Camp
43 Goro-II-Urdukus Camp
44 Urdukus-Paiju Camp
45 Paiju-Korofong Camp
46 Korofong-Askoli-Skardu Hotel
47 Skardu-Chilas Hotel
48 Chilas-Islamabad Hotel
49 De-briefing Hotel
50 Departure  - - -
Gasherbrum-II 8035m Karakoram Pakistan
Gasherbrum-II 8035m Karakoram Pakistan
Gasherbrum-II 8035m Karakoram Pakistan


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