Spring cherry blossom season is one of the best and interesting periods to visit Gilgit Baltistan the mountain valleys of Karakoram. Hunza valley during the spring season the fruit trees erupt in white and pink blossom and down the valley looks like white and pink carpet. The blossom first starts by the almond trees then apricot trees, cherries, applies, peaches and pears give wonderful contrast of blossom among the high snowcapped mountains. Apricot trees are more common in Hunza valley which is famous legend fruit of the valley and in ancient time was main source of the food. 

Hunza is located in the Northern Areas of Pakistan near the borders of China and Afghanistan. Hunza valley is well known for its picturesque natural beauty and as well as the culture and tradition of the mountain people.

Spring blossom season starts from mid-March and remains till the end of April the best time to see the blossom in Hunza valley is from the first week of April. Hunza valley is connected from the capital Islamabad by road through the Karakoram Highway and by air to Gilgit then by road to Hunza Valley.  

Cherry blossoms are a symbol of high importance in the region of Gilgit Baltistan. The flower reaches full bloom in spring which is when visitors flock to popular spots around the valleys in Gilgit Baltistan to view these blossoms from and have a picnic under the blanket of these blushing petals. Spring typically is a bit chilly in Gilgit Baltistan with temperatures reaching an average of 12°C in March and about 17°C in April. However the mornings and nights are especially chill. Hence it is advised that when you are packing for your cherry blossom tour in Gilgit Baltistan Northern Areas of Pakistan carry along sweaters as well in case it is cold.

Cherry blossom season in Hunza valley and Gilgit Baltistan regions typically starts around March and goes on till the end of April. During this time you can take a cherry blossom tour in Pakistan.

The cherry blossom is a symbol of renewal and hope with over 100 different varieties the wave of pink which sweeps up the Northern Areas of Pakistan beginning in March announces the arrival of spring cherry blossom season each year symbolizing human life transience and honor.

Across Pakistan’s diverse landscape the magical moment of blooming occurs from March to April for a brief period of full bloom. Starting in the Lower Hunza valley the blooms sweep up to Upper Hunza valley, reaching in approximately the first week of April although this can vary depending on the weather. Hunza spring cherry blossom season is now one of the most iconic experiences in the world and the small window of opportunity to visit this astonishing event means places fill up quickly. The best way to experience Hunza valley, fascinating natural wonder is on tour with us. Explore our Hunza valley cherry blossom tours packages now to ensure you don’t miss out!

Pakistan four distinct seasons each with its own appeal and when planning holidays here it's best to pick the one that excites you best. But spring cherry blossom season is when one of the Gilgit Baltistan regions greatest natural sights occurs. The sakura or cherry blossom is spectacular and some of our holidays are timed to celebrate the beautiful blush of delicate pink blossom that coats the Gilgit Baltistan regions.

There are dozens of different cherry tree varieties in Gilgit Baltistan most of which bloom for just a couple of days in spring. The typical timing to join our sakura cherry blossom tours is between the end of March and the first two weeks of April.

Spring season is possibly one of the best times to visit Pakistan when cherry blossom trees come out in full bloom across the Gilgit Baltistan region. Take in the highlights visit some of the Gilgit Baltistan most beautiful valleys witness the famous snowcapped peaks.





01 Arrive at Islamabad airport, sightseeing and overnight at hotel. Hotel
02 Fly to Gilgit and sightseeing around or drive to Chilas. Hotel
03 Continue to Karimabad-Hunza. Hotel
04 Drive to Hopar then to Duikar. Hotel
05 Drive to Lake then by boat to Gulmit. Hotel
06 By walk to Gulkin and Borite Lake. Hotel
07 Continue back to Karimabad. Hotel
08 Drive to Gilgit or Chilas. Hotel
09 Fly to Islamabad or drive from Chilas to Islamabad. Hotel
10 Departure from Islamabad (drop to the airport). - - -
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