Hunza Adventure Tours is one of the leading Pakistan tour operators. We are known for combining comfort and luxury in our Pakistan tour packages. During your trip you will enjoy a blend of smooth, prompt and customized services devoted to gain customer attention and provide satisfaction.

We have spent many years in the tourism industry and understand your travel requirements. Our dedicated team of professionals strives hard to deliver the best services to exceed the travelers’ expectations.

Hunza Adventure Tours is one of the leading tourism companies providing Tours and Travel Services in Pakistan. Our company offers a complete solutions to Tours and Travel Services throughout Pakistan. Our company is happy to provide a first class quality arrangement to our clients at extremely competitive prices.

We provide tour packages all over the country such as in Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Gilgit Baltistan, South Pakistan and Northern Areas of Pakistan. Our skilled team with us to always guide you in these places and who will cooperate with you each and every time. Apart from these tour packages we do provide customized tour packages according to your clients’ budget and requirements.

We give the most effective Tours and Travel Services, Holiday Packages, Car Rental Services, Honeymoon Packages, Hotel Booking and Customized Tour Packages throughout Pakistan.

If you are looking for the best tour operators in Pakistan look no further than Hunza Adventure Tours. Based out of our head office in Hunza Valley, we are one of the best tour operators in the Pakistan. With an industry experience of over 10+years, Hunza Adventure Tours has successfully conducted more than 10000+ domestic and international tours.

Hunza Adventure Tours not only offers tour packages for both domestic and International clients but also organizes several educational tour packages for schools and colleges from around the World. Hunza Adventure Tours is dedicated to making your vacation memorable and pleasant with our customer oriented travel plans.

Hunza Adventure Tours features among the top tour operators in Pakistan. The company nurtures destination specialists as tour advisors to customize special needs of clients ensuring a hassle free booking process.

Hunza Adventure Tours has very strong tie-ups with DMC companies across the globe and with hotel chains in the country making it one of the best tour operators in Pakistan.  


Film and Documentary Tours:
Hunza Adventure Tours has vast experience in organizing extra-ordinary logistics, finding short cuts to redcap, meeting deadlines, providing research and script support film and television crews from around the world. Z.D.F German television wanted lama helicopters at K-2 base camp, Japanese crew required 1000 camels in Cholistan desert, the Korean broad casting system (K.B.S) wanted to live and shoat the sky Kailash follow the route of Alexander the great. Then there were scores of others who came with impossible targets and went back high quality footage. Whatever your need, Hunza Adventure Tours will make it happen.

Pakistan offers the most spectacular locations for filming. Rivers, fields, ancient buildings, historical monuments and the majestic mountains, including K2 are all the possible locations for filming in Pakistan. Besides those natural outdoor locations, we have some indoor studios meet your requirements for indoor shooting.

Those amazing landscapes, beautiful flora and fauna and mystical cultural heritage of Pakistan have been attracting a good number of tourists as well as film crews from around the world. Many film crews come to Pakistan every year for making documentaries, TV series, commercials and feature films. All those filmmakers and the production companies that are looking a location that offers varieties of stories that includes culture, ethnicity, different face and races of people, adventure and landscapes has chosen Pakistan as their filming location.

Besides, filming locations and stories within its territory, Pakistan offers all those facilities that are required for filming teams during their shoot in Pakistan. Government of Pakistan issues Film Production Permit upon fulfilling the procedures of application, which will allow all filming teams to bring their equipment’s in Pakistan and film in the locations you have planned. We are always here to assist you for all the necessary paperwork for getting the filming permits, customs clearance and arranging all logistics, cast, crew and equipment’s.

Pakistan is rich of admirable beauty mostly of the Karakoram, Himalayas, Hindukush and Pamir the culture and tradition.  Our company Hunza Adventure Tours has been involved in Filming for our clients for the last 10 years. Basically the films are shot for documentaries as well as on the routes of cultural and tradition. 

Whenever our clients desire to make documentary and film in Pakistan and getting the necessary information from them we apply for the permit for filming which takes nearly two to three week for issuance of permit.

As soon as we get all the necessary information from our clients, we have to apply for permission in advance for filming in Pakistan. Our relationship and past experienced enable us to get all kinds of permits in Pakistan in given time. However, it normally takes about more than 10 days to 20 days to get filming permit in Pakistan.

To get permit from the Ministry of Information and Communication, we have to have the following information. Please find out the attached application form.

To clear customs of filming equipment coming other than Pakistan, one need to have a film permit along with the authority letter from the Film Development Board. We help you to get the letter and help to clear customs duties of filming within 1 hour by doing all paperwork in the customs clearance in an airport or border of Pakistan. Our team will be there in the airport before you arrive to finish all paper works in order to clear the equipment through customs promptly.

Sightseeing Tours:
Pakistan is rich of history and natural beauty. A large number of tours we organize are for tourists, we offer self-design itineraries, which can be modified as per client's test and interest. Most particularly our programs run to the Northern Areas of Pakistan and in general to whole of Pakistan. This may include Sightseeing Tours, Jeep Safari, Hike and Bike tour, Sightseeing plus short Trekking and Tours. Pakistan is not only beautiful with its snowy mountains, rivers, flora and fauna, historic sites and stupas but equally exotic with its people with diversity in language, religion, culture and tradition. In fact Pakistan offers the most variety of tourism activities and wide diversity in geographical locations, culture, natural resources and people. 


Winter Tours:
Pakistan is rich of history and natural beauty. South Pakistan is full of culture history, in winter the temperature is excellent. In winter we run Indus boating trip add by watching of Blind Indus Dolphin, Sightseeing of trips to Karachi, Multan, and Lahore. Trophy Hunting of Ibex, Markhor, Marco Polo Sheep in North Pakistan and Wild Boar hunting in South. We also organize skiing our most popular selling trip is skiing from Shimshal to Biafo Hispar Snow Lake via Khordopin Pass, Mustagh Pass into Baltoro Glacier.

Spring Tours:
Spring is welcome by most part of Pakistan with festival and celebrations, we follow these festival and celebration and draft an itinerary according to clients taste and requiements, our most popular spring trips are Hunza Valley Spring tours, Skardu valley spring tours and Kalash Valley Spring Festival.

Climbing / Mountaineering / Winter Climbing:
Since 2010 Hunza Adventure Tours the first tour operators offering annual fixed departure for all 8000 m peaks in Pakistan publish on internet and on our website. No matter you are single climber or a small group our per person price are the right choice for you.  We offer more than 100 mountains including K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I, Gasherbrum II and Nanga Parbat. We also offer climbing opportunity to some of the best known and technically hard mountains like Trango Tower, Shipton Spire, Latok group, Biantha Brakk, Lukpilla Brakk, Amin Brakk, Spantik and many more to mention.

Trekking / Winter Trekking:
We offer more than 60 trekking programmers in Karakorum, Himalaya, Hindukush and Pamir mountain Range. Pakistan is mostly popular destination in the World for trekking, mountaineering and other tourism activities as Pakistan is  the country that has five  of the fourteen eight thousand meter peaks.


Air Ticketing:
We deal in International and domestic air tickets and we have best deal airfares for all airline just make a phone call or email and get a quote.

Volunteering Tourism Trips in Pakistan:
The Karakoram Community Service Volunteer Program is primarily designed to bring forth coordinated efforts of all the experts and individuals in different areas under one platform and there on work towards achieving its common goal and mission. It provides a unique opportunity for volunteers to live and work in Pakistan. The primary goal of this trip is to boost the life style of the family in the village by creating socio-economic opportunities. We are deeply concerned about designing the program to address the issues of remote area and help the people transform themselves thorough cultural diffusion. Your visits to remote Pakistan is going to help them prosper as the money you have paid for the trip will go to the host family for providing food and accommodation, which directly helps them grow economically.

We are the only company offering volunteering tourism in Gilgit Baltistan region as this is the home of our company. So we guarantee you to have some good volunteering time in this region as we are very much aware of the geographical, cultural and economic aspect of the region. The program consist of the basic activities like teaching in school, renovating the physical structure like school and health post buildings, managing libraries, working in the field with the local farmers and providing medical attention in the health post.

Home Stay/Cultural Exchange Programs:
This program is a fantastic way to get more experience of your lifetime.. In this program you will be placed with a Pakistani family in a small rural village or within a city for the duration of your stay. You'll learn about all aspects of Pakistani culture, lifestyle, language, food and people - an unforgettable experience. You should remember that this is a cultural exchange so you should try and offer some knowledge of your own home culture and customs to your host family. During your home-stay you will attend two hours of language lessons in the morning and in the afternoon. You can spend the day visiting the local village and school and exploring the local area. You will also have the opportunity to help out at the local school. Home-stay programs can only be arranged for two weeks or one month and are best from March to November, which is the time when most large local festivals take place resulting in an overall more exciting experience. Please note that if you choose a home-stay/cultural exchange you will be placed with your host family as soon as you arrive in Pakistan.

Health and Education:
Pakistan’s health sector is slowing moving towards standards seen internationally. But the cost of using the facilities is very expensive and can’t be afforded by poor people. The few government hospitals that exist are often poorly run and slow in delivering their service. They are located in urban centers, away from rural areas where the poor often originate. Pakistan has worked in conjunction with local hospital to offer health projects for volunteers willing to help poor and serve humanity. During your work, you’ll treat many poor and bring smiles to their faces. You’ll often work under the supervision of an experience professional.

Volunteers in health care projects will assist local doctors and medical staffs. You will be assigned work according to your level of experience. Volunteer works in hospital include: treating minor injury, taking BP and weight, record keeping of patience, general medical checkup of patience, assisting local doctors, and similar responsivities. You can also choose to work in the administration. You can have passion to serve the poor to successfully volunteer in the project.

Volunteers interested to work in the health project should have some level of work experience in health/medical sector. Only health professionals, medical students, nurses, and volunteers with similar experience are allowed to join the medical project. You must produce medical certification or an ID card which states that you are a medical student.

Children’s (Orphanage) Program:
Each year, hundreds of children leave their destitute villages to find work in Pakistan's crowded cities. Most of these children deprived of education end working as child laborers in restaurants, factories, and hotels. These disadvantaged children need attention, love, care, and the opportunity for education.

The Orphanage Volunteer Project in Pakistan offers the street children the support and devotion they deserve. Volunteers teach Basic English and other subjects such as math and science to these eager learners. As a volunteer, you also organize tours, games, drawings, singing, dancing, painting and other activities that the children enjoy and also learn something at the same time. Volunteers may help the children prepare for school, and help with their homework.

Volunteering in Pakistan Orphanage Project is an enriching and life changing experience for our volunteers as well as the children. Many of our former volunteers have reported that this project, in particular, has been memorable and fulfilling, and has changed the way they view the world.

In this program volunteers will be placed in children’s home. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational and community aid programs. This will give you a chance to make an important contribution to the people of Pakistan and while doing so gain an in depth experience of the country and its culture that will stay with you the rest of your life.

Teaching English Language in Pakistan:
The pressure to learn English in Pakistan for young children is enormous. It’s not only the second language of Pakistan, it’s also the language used in trade, commerce and communication. Without the knowledge of English, the chances of securing a good job are severely restricted.

There are many schools and institutions that educate children but they’re mostly expensive and unaffordable to the poor. Our volunteers in teaching English projects will work in schools attended by students of poor families in rural villages. You will teach students who are eager to learn from volunteers like you. You’ll converse with them to improve their speech, teach English according to official curriculum and use your own material or creative ideas to teach English in a different but fun way. This is also a perfect opportunity if you want to gain some teaching experience, serve the poor and help build your own career.

As a volunteer working in English teaching project, you will work in public schools. The size of the class is usually around 20 to 35 students. You will teach English 2-3 hours a day from Sunday to Friday. You might also be asked to train local teachers and take part in other activities like games, painting, music, sanitation, computers and arts. Most schools in Pakistan follow fixed courses for teaching English. You’re welcome to teach extra also.

Prior experience in teaching English is desired but not required. You’ll need to have sound communication skills in English. Volunteers should also be flexible, self-motivated and have a strong willingness to learn and take new initiatives.

Eco-Work Environmental Program:
Pakistan's natural resources—particularly its forests—deteriorate more each day due to the nation’s high dependency on natural resources. Global Crossroad’s Conservation Project is designed to support the conservation efforts of Pakistani by offering free tree seedlings for planting.

Our conservation nursery project is located in the rural villages. As a volunteer in Pakistan, you will prepare nursery beds, sow seeds, weed, trim, prune, and thin various indigenous tree species. The planted seedlings grown and nurtured by our volunteers are later distributed at no charge to villages in other parts of Pakistan. Depending on the season, additional tasks may include like planting, collecting seeds, replanting, eliminating diseased trees, and inventorying fauna and flora.

Work in the nursery includes seeds collection, sowing, mulching, and watering, trimming, weeding, and related works. The nursery produces seedlings that are later distributed for free to local schools, communities, and villagers for planting in community fields. Volunteers’ efforts and contributions can create a positive impact on nature and promote environmental conservation.

For this project volunteer may need physical efforts, so you should be in good health. Prior conservation experience is not compulsory. We just ask our volunteers to be flexible, enthusiastic, be patient and an open mind.

Tailor made Holidays:
Pakistan is the land, amongst the world, where one can revitalize his / her mind and heart being very close to its remarkable natural beauty and the glimpse of the old tradition of Pakistan people is equally superb. Like a manner, Hunza Adventure Tours is truly one of the leading name in the tourism industry in Pakistan which is committed to provide excellent services to ensure your great holiday trip smooth and pleasant.

We are proud to say that Hunza Adventure Tours has been enjoying a long list of success in its respective field since its establishment. In this connection, our team has been devoted to furnish our customers by providing services in accordance to their own choice and interest. Hunza Adventure Tours team is directed to provide the services what our clients' demand. We never force our clients to follow our set itinerary or fixed departure dates rather we always follow the idea suggested by our clients and arrange the trip accordingly. Of course! Your each and every requirement will be fulfilled with great care and warm hospitality. We will do our best to supply you all relevant information that you may require.

If you have a problem for choosing a right trip or want to extend / shorten a tour itinerary that has been published in our website or want to upgrade your accommodation in Islamabad etc. Please Contact us at any time we are here to assist you.

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