At Hunza Adventure Tours we are passionate about creating unforgettable Safaris Tours that are completely unique and customized for you, your family or group of friends. We share our knowledge and expertise of Pakistan we love, ensuring you get to enjoy Pakistan in comfort and style with absolute confidence and safety.

Our tailor-made safaris take you on a journey that showcases the wonderful diversity of wildlife, landscapes, culture and history that Pakistan has to offer, be it Karakoram Jeep Safaris orĀ  Cholistan Camel or Concordia Heli Safari or Batura Yak Safari or Indus Boat Safari. Every itinerary is prepared exclusively for you. From adventure safaris to the lap of the Karakoram mountains we bring your dreams to life.

We strive to ensure that all our clients get the personal attention they deserve and we endeavor to meet all requests within our capabilities. We have a lot of returning clients so we must be doing something right.

Join us on one of our amazing Pakistan safari adventures and experience the magic and mystery of its wildlife and culture. Our expertly guided Pakistan tours take you on a journey throughout the beautiful landscapes of Pakistan.

Each of our tours is strategically planed out with an itinerary including daily activities, meal plans and lodging accommodations so you know exactly what to expect. We are always there every step of the way ensuring that your trip is a truly unforgettable experience.

If you would like to travel in an area not mentioned in our itineraries, or customize an existing itinerary we will accommodate your needs. All itineraries are 100% customizable.

Batura Yak Safari


Yak safari in the valley and now every year hundreds of tourist’s rash up there to experience the foods especially made fantastic and the herbs shepherds used as vegetable.

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Horse Safari in Pakistan


Pakistan is one of the wonderful destinations to enjoy adventure sports in the sub continent. The country is particularly famous for various safaris.

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Khyber Stream Safari


The Khyber stream safari is a unique train ride through the legendary Khyber Pass. By antiquated stream mechanism. The stream locomotives, Hgs 2-8-os, one in the rear and one up front, haul the carriages through the Khyber.

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Cholistan Camel Safari


In the South of Punjab along the border of India lies the mysterious desert of Cholistan, its sands spreading further every year engulfing fields & villages.

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Yak Carvan To The Pamir


Yak is a strong domestic animal, which is using for travelling from one place to the other in the Mountains. It is a mountain animal, mostly stays on the Alpe, it is a useful animal which gives milk and beef.

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Indus River Boat Safari


Indus is among the most famous great rivers in the world. It starts high in the mountains of Tibet, roof of the world & flows through Ladakh before entering Baltistan.

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Heli Safari To Concordia


Heli treks combine the thrill of trekking in the glacial surroundings around Baltoro Glacier with the pleasure of flying over the colorful valleys of Skardu, Shigar and Askole which offers magnificent mountain scenery with glimpses...

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