Karachi is called by the pakistan people"City of Lights"and you'll see that karachi shows its beauty during the warm nights walking on the beaches of the Arabian sea. Enjoy the splendour of karachi at night with Hunza Adventure Tours.


The birthplace of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan has many pleasant attraction like sunny, sandy beaches, deep-sea fishing, yaching, golf and horse racing, besides rush-taking shopping markets. You can buy indigenous handicrafts, beautifully woven, hang made rugs/carpets, jewellery, garments, cloth, pottery and a lot more.

Quaid-e-Azam’s Tomb
The mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah is yet another monumental place situated in the east of M.A.Jinnah Road. The marble work on the tomb offers a great luminous scenic at dusk, while the recently built garden is a good example of modern architectural planning resulted in fast completion. There are graves of his sister, Shireen Jinnah, Fatima Jinnah, his right hang, Liaquat Ali Khan and former Vice President Noorul Amin.

PIA Planetarium
The national flag-arrier PIA has gifted a modern well-planned planetarium for the people who enjoy staring and gazing at stars and planets of distant galaxies.

Tooba Mosque
One of the most impressive architectural works, Tooba Mosque has been built by the DHA in phase l of Defence Housing Authority Scheme. The single dome, especially designed to cover to be the largest in the world.

Safari Park
Amongst many public parks, the Safari Park is a real fantasy for the citizens, seeking a haven from the tiresome routines of life. The City District Government has recently renovated its infra structure and increased number of animals and birds. They had also organised a bird-show which won great appreciation from all quarters. Latest addition to the Park is a chair lift, installed to provide the visitors a joy ride through the elevated hilly area. Other notable public parks include Hil Park and the Bonsai Park, comprising the Bosai-applied little plants and trees only.

National Museum
The National Museum is situated off l.l. Chundrigar Road, the busiest commercial hub of the city. Here one can see the rich collection of items in galleries named after the Indus Valley Civilization, Gandhara sculpture, Islamic Art, besides rare manuscripts, ancient coins and paintings.

Empress Market, Saddar
It is one of the oldest market of Karachi, comprising old Empress Market, Khwaja Shahabuddin Market and surrounding small bazaar. One can have variety of items from meat to dry fruits and food items to books. There are some other attraction for the shoppers like Zainab Market, Zamzama Street, Millennium Mall, Dolmen Mall Park Towers, The Forum and other big and small centres at Tariq Road.



There are few very important sightseeing places, like Chaukundi Tombs, Bhambhore, Haleji Lake, Keenjhar Lake, Thatta and Moenjodaro.

Chaukundi Tombs:
Situated at a distance of 27.35 kms (17 miles) from Karachi, the place is very famous for its unique and extraordinary high graves, having impressive carving and engraving of the sandatone slabs and floral motifs. There are two other similar types of graveyards in the remote areas of Karachi, but little known to the general public.

This archaeological site, known also as the actual coast of Debal, where great Muslim conqueror, Mohammad bin Qasim landed in 712 AD, is about 64 kms/40 miles away from Karachi. You can find a rich collection of pottery, coins, beads etc. at the site museum.

Haleji Lake:
Asia’s greatest water-fowl reserve, the Haleji lies at a distance of 70kms/52 miles from the City of Lights. It is well known for the migratory birds flowing down from the cold Siberia.
The history city of Thatta, which also served as the capital of Sindh for about four centuries, lies at a distance of 98kms/61 miles. It also has the splendid Shahjahani Mosque, built by the great Mughal emperor Shahjahan in 16th century and Makli Hills’ graveyard.

Keenjhar Lake:
The beautiful lake is situated in the north of Thatta, at a distance of 24kms/15 miles. There you can enjoy a stay at PTDC Motel, offering air-conditioned accommodation and delicious food.

Makli Hills’ Graveyard:
The necropolis of Makli is a living proof that the historical city of Thatta thrived on the forefronts of culture and civilization. It is the resting place of countless dignitaries including holy saints, kings, native rulers, cheifs and viziers. It is considered as the largest ancient graveyard in the world.

This 5000-year old centre of civilization can be visited at a distance of 563kms/350miles from the present capital of Sindh. The worhty site offers spectacular view of one of the world’s most ancient civilizations, Indus Valley Civilization. The visit to museum will provide you detailed history through various goods, discovered during several excavations.



Being a port city, Karachi has several rommantic, thrilling and exciting beach points like Sandspit, Sonmiani, French Beach, Paradise Point, Hawks Bay and Clifton Beach. Tourist from across the country as well as from abroad feel the tranquillity of breathtaking environment.
Nature-lovers would love to visit the sandy beaches providing sanctuary to the endangered species of green turtles. Effort have been made to preserve this rare creature.



There are several social and athletic clubs allowing foreigners entry on some conditions. Most of the members enjoy playing sports, having business meetings and other functions. Some of the important clubs are:

American Consulate Employee Association Club
Working under US Consulate, since 1984, it is open for the US citizens and their dependents.

DHA Saeed Mir Sports Academy/Club
The club provides sports facilities of tennis and squash under professional coaches; it also offers swimming lessons to children.

Karachi Boat Club
The club at New Queens Road is a fine place to dine on the patio or in the air-conditioned rooms, besides a room for private parties.

Sindh Club
Situated at Abdullah Haroon Road it is known for sports like tennis, squash, billiards and swimming. Members can enjoy the mouth-watering dishes.

Karachi Yacht Club
This club of Bunker Island is good for sailing, racing, and social activities like barbeques. Delicious meal is offered to the visitors.

Caledonian Society Karachi
The society arranges Scottish dances on weekly basis. Two events are held each year, including the Caledonian Ball at the end of November to celebrate St. Andrew’s Day.



Pick up in the afternoon at 1500 hrs and departure to karachi's posh area, Clifton, with the beautiful Mohatta palace. The famed pink mansion, admired for its lively Mughal, is also known as Qasr-e-Fatima because of its association with Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, the sister of M.A. Jinnah lived in this house from 1964 until her death in 1967. Mohatta palace was built in the late 1920's and has been recently refurbished proceed to the famous Jahangir Kithara Cluster, consisting of three elements, the Parade, Lady Lioyds pier and the pavilion built in 1919-1923 for the recreation of karachi's residents.


Afterwards enjoy an (optional) stop-over at one of the posh shopping malls Clifton has to offer, followed by a dinner in one of the Excellent restaurants in town.


After dinner we continue the tour with a walk in the beach park with view of the 600 feet high water fountain, which is situated in the Arabian sea near the Oyter Rocks and now one of the most prominent landmark of karachi.


Optional coach ride in one of the traditional Victoria coaches or harbour boat tour to watch the fountain.


We conclude this evening with a nice cup of coffee or any local refreshment at one of the trendy cafes at Zamzama, the "hottest" place in karachi, where many high street fashion shops and restaurants always fulfil the needs of the fashionable and culinary karachiites.


Late night drop at the hotel.


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