Gligit Baltsitan has the greatest concentration of the highest peaks of the world. It has 05 peaks over 8,000 meters including the world’s second highest peak K- 2 (8611m) 29 peaks of over 7,500 meters and 121 peaks of over 7,000 meters. Hundreds of peaks are still lying un-climbed. This is a great challenge for the mountaineers and mountain Lovers the world over. As enthusiastic Alpine climbers, going to the higher mountain ranges like the Himalayas or the Karakoram and the Hindu Kush is a childhood’s dream. So many climbers were seduced by fantastic photographs and stories in books like Himalaya Alpine Style, Vertical Pleasures and Elusive Summits, the conclusion that the Karakorum’s would be the place to be if you wanted to climb new routes on (unclimbed) peaks in one of the world’s wildest mountain panorama. There is plenty of information to be had on the popular Baltoro Glacier area, and this is where the majority of climbers head to. More attractive and more advantageous with ascending an unclimbed peak, the area to the north and west, between the eastern reaches of the Hindu Kush and Karakoram although this region doesn't have the more famous peaks, it is remote, wild and beautiful and there are many mountains in the 7,500m- 6,500m range still to have an ascent. A general time-frame is to allow six weeks for a peak under 7000m and up to ten weeks for peaks in the 7500-8500m range. The walk into base-camp, complete with porters and base-camp staff, can take six days depending on the distance of your peak base-camp location. Base-camp will be anywhere between 4000-5000m in Pakistan.


Peak Name Height Mount Range
Un-Named Peak  7780 m Karakoram
Un-Named Peak 7600 m Karakoram
Saser Kangri II East 7513 m Karakoram
Mucho Chhish 7453 m Karakoram
Saser Kangri III  7495 m Karakoram
Batura V  7400 m Karakoram
Khinyang Chhish East 7400 m Karakoram
Kangbachen West 7385 m Karakoram
Manresa Zom 7352 m Karakoram
Pumari Chhish South 7350 m Karakoram
Chongtar Kangri 7330 m Karakoram
Ultar Sar North 7310 m Karakoram
Rakaposhi N-East 7290 m Karakoram
Summari Peak 7263 m Karakoram
Mandu Peak 7221 m Karakoram
Bularang Sar 7200 m   Karakoram
Summa Peak (South)  7170 m Karakoram
Braq paari Peak 7156 m Karakoram
Mandu 7127 m Karakoram
Karpo-Go     7090 m Karakoram
Un-Named Peak (S)    7100 m Hindu Kush
Urgent Peak  7038 m Hindu Kush
Pamri Sar Peak 7016 m  Karakoram
Ultar Sar South-East 7000 m Karakoram
Un-Named Peak 6653 m Hindu Kush
Shingeik  Peak(E)  6593 m Hindu Kush
Un-Named Peak   6500 m Hindu Kush
Un-Named Peak 6390 m    Hindu Kush
Un-Named Peak 6300 m  Hindu Kush
Saraghrar Central 7330m Hindukush
Saraghrar (NWI) 7300m Hindukush
Istor o Nal (NE) 7276m Hindukush
Saraghrar (NWII) 7250m Hindukush
Saraghrar (SE II) 7184m Hindukush
Tirich Mir (South) 7100m Hindukush
Istor o Nal (East) 7100m Hindukush
Langutai Barfi 7017m Hindukush
Saraghrar (S II) 7109m Hindukush
Saraghrar (S III) 7280m Hindukush

Climbing to Trekking Peaks in North Pakistan: 
Reaching the top of a mountain is challenging and demanding. Thin air above 4000m makes breathing difficult. The body must be given time to acclimatize before ascending higher. Weather conditions can be unpredictable and snow conditions treacherous. Concentration, caution, determination and a high level of fitness are required. It’s all in the mind, literally. But make no mistake, standing on top of a summit and surveying the world at your feet is an exhilarating experience and an immensely satisfying achievement - something to be proud of. The rewards are gratifying & immensely emotional. Hunza Adventure Tours offers you the chance to climb glaciers and scale peaks in the Karakoram, Himalaya and Hindukush Mountain Regions, with expert guides who have the experience, local knowledge and mountaineering skills to make such endeavors feasible to those with the motivation and a good level of fitness. Just be true to yourself & listen to the needs of your body. As the Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Tourism made open (free) to climb the peaks up to 6500M without climbing permit (without paying of the royalty of peak) in order to promote the trekking and mountaineering in Pakistan. There are several spectacular peaks below 6500M among the ranges of the Himalayas, the Karakoram, the Hindu-Kush and the Pamir in the trekking routes. These peaks are called trekking peaks and open to climb, for which royalty, climbing permit, liaison officer and other formalities are NOT required. If the peak is situated in the restricted area then you need the trekking permit from the Ministry of Tourism through a Government licensed agency with paying fee, which is 50 US dollar per person. It is also requires to hire licensed guide, buy a personal accident insurance policy also for porters and cook, will attend the mandatory briefing and de-briefing at the Ministry of Tourism. There are a lot of such peaks, which are still unclimbed and nameless, some are technically difficult too. Hunza Adventure Tours is pleased to propose you the climbing expeditions on below 6500M peaks in various regions of the trekking routes. In Shimshal Valley, Pir Peak 6363m, Chkorin Sar 6500M, Mingil Sar 6050M, Sonia peak 6300M, Adver Sar 6400M and etc. In Hunza Valley, Hunza Peak 6270m, Bomulimoting 6000m, Koksil Peak 6483M, Sakar Sar 6272M and many more. In Skardu, Trango Group (highest rock walls on earth, Trango Tower 6239M, Great Trango, Trango), Uli Hiafo Tower 5597M and Peak 6417M, Lobsang Peak 6225M, Mitre 6010M, Urducex Peaks 6320M, 6280M, 6130M, Namika Peak 6295, Vigne Peak 6230M, Cristal Peak 6252M, Marble Peak 6256M, Lupke Brakk 6030M, Brandu Brakk 6000M, Uzun Brakk 6422M, Khani Basa Sar 6500M, Markrong Chhish 6340M, Biange 6431M and etc. and many more in the Hindu Raj, mostly virgin peaks there. Hunza Adventure Tours team offering trekking peaks (below 6500m) along with trekking programs in Karakorum, Western Himalayas, Hindukush and Pamir Mountain Ranges. While choose the trekking program please select your ideal trekking peak and contact us for more information and prices. Note- Gilgit- Baltistan Council secretariat wave off royalty fees up to 6500m peaks also Liaison officer services are not required as well.

S/No Name Height Region Range
01 Kharut Pyramid Peak 6444m Baltoro Glacier Karakorum
02 Khosar Gang Peak 6400m Shigar Valley Karakorum
03 Sonia Peak 6400m Shimshal Valley Karakorum
04 Pastore Peak 6206m Baltoro Glacier Karakorum
05 Sakar SAR Peak 6272m Chapursan Valley Karakorum
06 Iakora Peak 6175m Baltoro- Ali Camp Karakorum
07 Patundass Peak 6100m Passu Glacier Karakorum
08 Minglik sar 6050m Shimshal Valley Karakorum
09 Mitre Peak 6025m Baltoro Concordia Karakorum
10 Samayar Peak 5598m Nagar Valley Karakorum
11 Soshun Brakk 5989m Biafo Hisper Glacier Karakorum
12 Rupal Peak  5971m Nanga Parbat Himalaya
13 Hisper Peak 5969m Biafo Hisper Glacier Karakorum
14 Snow Lake Peak 5882m Biafo Hisper Glacier Karakorum
15 Gulmit Tower 5810m Shatubar Glacier Karakorum
16 Core Peak 5800m Nagar Valley Karakorum
17 Lobsang Peak 5708m Baltoro Glacier Karakorum
18 Liligo Peak  5600m Baltoro Glacier Karakorum
19 Gondogoro Peak 5650m Hushe Valley Karakorum
20 Buldar Peak 5602m Nanga Parbat Himalaya
21 Workman Peak 5585m Biafo Glacier Karakorum
22 Mirshikar Peak 5486m Rakaposhi  Karakorum
23 Gusham Peak 5412m Batura Glaicer Karakorum
24 Kuk Hill  5294m Batura Glaicer Karakorum
25 Yashpirt Peak     5275m Batura Glaicer Karakorum
26 Jalipur Peak   5206m Nanga Parbat Himalaya
27 Fatima Peak 5133m Batura Glaicer Karakorum
28 Rash Peak  5058m Nagar Valley Karakorum
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