Min : 600m - Max: 4200m






16 days

Best Time:


June - September


The classic Batura trek along a giant Karakoram glacier passes beneath the peaks of the imposing Batura Wall and Batura Ice Floes with some of the Karakoram's best mountain scenery. Batura glacier, the most accessible and fourth- longest glacier, stretches west from the Karakoram Highway for about 56km.

A fascinating experience of an easy stroll along a flower-strewn valley between the lateral moraine of Batura Glacier and the surrounding mountains. This trek provides breathtaking views of high Peaks like Ultar Peak (7388), Shisper Peak (7611m), Passu Peak (7284m), Karun Koh (7164m), and others peaks in the surrounding.

From Fatimahil you can have an unforgettable views of the formidable North face of Battura massif. After halfway between Kukhil and Guchesum is the wide plateau of Shelmin where the Worthum brook flows from the North. The scenery is so amazing that will simply sweep you off your feet.

Batura glacier is famous world over for its longest icy bed and longest trek which is 56 kilometers. There are around 14 lofty peaks you come across during your trek which exceed 7,000 meters. You will be able to see the breath-taking views of the glacier and the splendid peaks and pastures. While trekking to the Batura Valley you will get an opportunity to see the Wakhi peoples’ life style as they venture to summer pastures to graze their cattle and yaks.





01 Arrive at Islamabad airport and transfer to the hotel. Hotel
02 Drive to chilas (approx 11 hours drive). Over night stay at chilas. Hotel
03 Drive chilas to Gulmit (approx 8-9 hours drive) en-route stop over at Rakaposhi for lunch. Hotel
04 Drive from Gulmit to Batura Bridge and then trek up to yunzben. Over night camping at yunzben. Camp
05 Next day we will start the trek crossing the batura glacier. It takes 8-9 hours to reach Yashperth. Yashperth is the first summer pasture of the village in Batura valley. Camp
06 On this day you can start walking from Yashperth to Kukhill. On the way you can view the Batura ranges on your opposite side. Camp
07 From Kukhill start a trek to Guehesm? This is the last summer pasture the trees and flowers are abundant there. Camp
08 Retrace your footstep down valley to Yashperth. 
Over night stay at Yashperth.
09 Follow the trail to Passu via cross the glacier to Yunzben and drive to Gulmit. Over night stay at Gulmit. Hotel
10 Free day at Gulmit. Hotel
11 Drive to Gilgit. Over night stay at Gilgit. Hotel
12 Drive to chilas. Over night stay at chilas. Hotel
13 Drive to Islamabad. Hotel
14 Destination Flight. - - -
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Batura Trek
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