G-I (8,068 M) & G-II (8,035) EXPEDITION

Gasherbrum I is the 11th highest peak in the world and the 3rd highest peak in Pakistan with the elevation of 8068m (26,470ft) while Gasherbrum II 8035 is the 13th highest peak in the world and 5th highest in Pakistan. Gasherbrum is a local language, which means ‘Shining Wall’. There are six peaks of Gasherbrum massif and Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II are above 8000m. The easy accessible route is the South West Ridge. A most clearly defined spur that is relatively free of objective dangers. Gasherbrum was first time climbed on 8 July 1956 by Fritz Moravec, Josef Lard and Hans Willen part of an Austrian expedition.

From 1889 to 1929, Gasherbrum group is surveyed and photographed by British and Italian explorers. The explorers William Martin Conway introduced the name ‘Hidden Peak’ and Gasherbrum. In 1934 a big International expedition organized by the Swiss G.O. Dyhrenfurth. The expedition explored both peaks and two climbers get to a height of 6300m.

If you want to climb Gasherbrum, it is advised, you will need outstanding stamina, a fierce determination and an ability to deal with expedition. Generally most expedition that come here all of up to 58 to 60 days to climb this mountain from arrival in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. 


In 1956 an Austrian expedition team arrived in Pakistan to climb G-II 8035m, Peak to approach was not so easy but they managed to reach the base camp passing through Skardu, Shigar-Thongal –Johla –Paiyu-Urdukas-Goro –Concordia –Base camp.





01 Arrival in Islamabad & transfer to the Hotel. Hotel
02 Drive to Chilas (11-12 hours). Hotel
03 Drive to Skardu (8-9 hours). Hotel
04 Drive to Askoli (4-7 hours). Hotel
05 Trek to Jula (5-6 hours). Camp
06 Trek to Paiyu (6-7 hours). Camp
07 Free day in Paiyu. Camp
08 Trek to Urdukas 4050m (6-7 hours). Camp
09 Trek to Goro – II 4380m (5-6 hours). Camp
10 Trek to Concordia 4700m (5-6 hours). Camp
11 Trek to Gasherbrum base camp. Camp
12-48 Climbing days. Camp
49-53 Trek down to Askoli. Camp
54 Drive to Skardu. Hotel
55 Free day in Skardu. Hotel
56 Drive to Chilas (8-9 hours). Hotel
57 Drive to Islamabad (11-12 hours). Hotel
58 Fly back Home. - - -
Gasherbrum-II 8035m Karakoram Pakistan
Gasherbrum-II 8035m Karakoram Pakistan
Gasherbrum-II 8035m Karakoram Pakistan


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